At first my family son’t want to come to U.S. But my brother really want to go. He was crying to go because all his friend was going. My mom decide to go and put our name, so we can go interview. So later my parents name come out. The whole family have to go interview for the first time. When they interview us, they said my can’t go with my family. And they said my grandma don’t have to go if she don’t want to. So my grandma decide not to go. She said she want to live there and die there. My family was having hard time because my uncle name is already come out the second time and he already go interview the second time.  my parents decide not to go cause my dad really don’t want to so cause he was a solider.

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“TOH MO HU” Where are you mom?

When I was little my mom told me a story about tho mo hu. This is a name of a bird and this is mean where are you mom?  my mom stared to tell me the story. “Once upon a time in a long time ago there is a girl she had really deep sleeping. She only live with her mom. Her dad die when she was little. Even though she only lived with her mom she never listen to her.There is one day her mom told her, not to go sleep over her friends house because her mom afraid that some danger things will happened to her and she don’t want to lose her, the only thing she had is her. But she didn’t listen to her mom and she go.

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Mu Ya Pel Story

This story that i learn when i was study at my country. This story is about my people experience with Thailand people. Once upon a time the girl name is Mu Ya Pel. When she birth she was really bright. Everyone think that she is special person. When she cooked she don’t  need light because her body already bright. But in Thailand everthing is not ok and the Thai king say the other country is develop but us country is not develop so what should we do to get better but the king has idea go to monk so the Thailand king ask what should we do to develop our country but the monk told the king the girl name is Mu Ya Pel if  you sacrifice for you country then your country will develop but the monk told the king but is not easy to get that girl and you have to earn a lot money.  What should we do to get that girl said king but the monk say the king  you should tell her people if you guy want money then come to us and get a job. Then the king follow the monk say to him but soon the king people go Mu Ya Pel country and soon the Mu Ya Pel people they bring food to thai king people and they get a lot money  and Mu Ya Pel people follow the king people said to them and the Mu Ya Pel her mom to do let that and her mom say to her look at you friend they work really hard but you you just stay home you are not little kids anymore but tomorrow you have to go but Mu Ya Pel follow her mom direction and if the morning  she go to Thai king people and give her food and thai king people give her money but they didn’t know her because she put something in her face and she neck is bright then she wear scarf  but when she come back she saw the river and she also thirty and she take off her scarf and her nick is bright and thai people know and catch her and the thai king want her live with him many years but the king don’t want need king her because she also look pretty and before the king is kill her she want to leave something to him and she say to the king and the king say tell me now i will follow your drection and if you kill me and sacrifice you country i want to say if my people if them live in their land is not very well but if they came to live in your country let them go and don’t bully them and the king say then I will follow your derection and they kill Mu Ya Pel with elephant to step Mu Ya Pel but the elephant don’t want to step her and they blind elephant eye and the elephant didn’t see anything then the elephant is step her and she is die.


This is a real story about my grandmother.Long ago when she was young she had this ghost encounter.One day when my grandpa was traveling in the bicycle at late night,he suddenly felt heavy in his behind.He felt someone sitting at his back seat of the bicycle.But he can’t see anyone.My grandma have special eyes like she can see the ghost.

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