The Hat



I like your hat.can you tell more about it?

Well this is my favorite that I always use to wear.This hat always match to what I wear every day.Also it make me look  good. It also help cover my hair,in that case I don’t need to spend a lot of time to design  my hair.

What kind of color/style/materials you like?why?

I like dark color for hats because it can go with any thing I wear.I like this kind of style because it looks beautiful,and I also like this material a lot,because it have a kind of shining in it.

Where did you get that?

My dad bought it for me when I was in Malaysia.I told him that i really like it  this hat and then my dad bought it for me.

Is the hat expensive?

Well it is not expensive and not cheap it is in the middle.Luckily it was in sale for 50% of when my dad bought it .

Do you like it?why?

I love it because my favorite singer Bruno Mars have the same kind of hat like mine too.So when I wear the hat  I feel like a singer too.

Can you tell me about your experience with this hat?

Yes of course.One day when I walking in street wearing my hat and m sunglasses suddenly a man running towards me saying”Bruno Mars wait!”well that man thought that I am Bruno Mars,and asking for an autograph to me.I was telling him that I am not Bruno Mars but he didn’t believe until I take of my hat and sunglasses to prove him.After he understand that I am not Bruno Mars he took  picture to show his friends.

How long do you have it?

Well I have it for about four months but I feel like I have it for a long time.I have a lot of fun time and experiences with it,like how I said before about a man thought I am Bruno Mars.


Sounds I hear every day

When I wake up first I hear the sound of my alarm. then I hear the sound of my bed sheet moving when I wake up.Then I hear the sound of my mom cooking and my dad talking. Then I hear the sound of I am brushing and taking shower.Then I hear the sound of my wardrobe open when I open it.Then I hear the sound when I get dressed up and the sound of the hairdryer.The sound when I put on my shoesand the sound of  perfume andsound of my sereal box and the sound when the spoon and bewl hiting each other.

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This is a real story about my grandmother.Long ago when she was young she had this ghost encounter.One day when my grandpa was traveling in the bicycle at late night,he suddenly felt heavy in his behind.He felt someone sitting at his back seat of the bicycle.But he can’t see anyone.My grandma have special eyes like she can see the ghost.

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Once Upon aTime

Once upon a time a girl named Rocksand was born in Sri Lanka. She like lollipop and art. When she was eight years old she moved to Malaysia. She learn new language English. She stayed in Malaysia for seven years until she is fourteen years old. While when she was in Malaysia she learn about stitching and fashion designing from her father. Then she moved to America.

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