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DSCN0047[1]When I walk to the Bus stop from home, it was raining. When I was at the bus stop, there are few people. Two person was smoking and it really make me cough. Then bus 1R come. I really feel sleeping in the bus while listen to music and the bus is really quite in the morning. Then I get down at 49 street and walk to school about 5 or 6 minute. When I first enter school, I went straight to the restroom. After restroom I went to cafeteria for breakfast. then the bell rain. I went to History class first , then to English, then to Biology, then to Algebra, then to art. All the classes I want i really feel sleeping. After Art, I went  to cafeteria again for lunch. After Lunch I went to the gym, I play basketball for few minute. Then Finally, I makr it to room 3 ( story telling )

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