Home to School

DSCN0047[1]When I walk to the Bus stop from home, it was raining. When I was at the bus stop, there are few people. Two person was smoking and it really make me cough. Then bus 1R come. I really feel sleeping in the bus while listen to music and the bus is really quite in the morning. Then I get down at 49 street and walk to school about 5 or 6 minute. When I first enter school, I went straight to the restroom. After restroom I went to cafeteria for breakfast. then the bell rain. I went to History class first , then to English, then to Biology, then to Algebra, then to art. All the classes I want i really feel sleeping. After Art, I went  to cafeteria again for lunch. After Lunch I went to the gym, I play basketball for few minute. Then Finally, I makr it to room 3 ( story telling )

A Necklace Story

DSCN0019[2]I wrote about my friend Shreejana Rai necklace. She is 15 years old. In her necklace there rings and pendant. She said the rings it from her friend priya. The pendant she does’t remember how ling she have with her. She bought it online. She got the necklace she she was fourteen years old. She said is not part of religion or culture. But is important to her because her friend give her as a friendship necklace. She said she like to wear it because she like wearing necklace, also because they were give by her best friend and the pendant is her favorite animal series.


At first my family son’t want to come to U.S. But my brother really want to go. He was crying to go because all his friend was going. My mom decide to go and put our name, so we can go interview. So later my parents name come out. The whole family have to go interview for the first time. When they interview us, they said my can’t go with my family. And they said my grandma don’t have to go if she don’t want to. So my grandma decide not to go. She said she want to live there and die there. My family was having hard time because my uncle name is already come out the second time and he already go interview the second time.  my parents decide not to go cause my dad really don’t want to so cause he was a solider.

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The Sound Of Home

The sound of my home home in living room sound like music when my family is home. ( brother and sister ). Because they live to sing and love to watch music video and sing along. But when they are not here the sound of home sound the refrigerator freezer. Some time it’s sound so loud but when you get use to it it, it sound peaceful and quite. Like it good place to be when you under control and good place to read. The sound of my room is sometime sound annoying because of car since I sleep near the window.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time a girl name bam was born in a place called Thailand. She really like her grandma because she always make food for her. Later she star a school near her section. She make a lot of friends while she went to school. When she was 10 she move to U.S California Oakland. When she came to American after a few month her grandma die in Thailand ( where she was born ). It so sad that she did’t get to see her grandma die.

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