Once upon a time

Once upon a time a girl name bam was born in a place called Thailand. She really like her grandma because she always make food for her. Later she star a school near her section. She make a lot of friends while she went to school. When she was 10 she move to U.S California Oakland. When she came to American after a few month her grandma die in Thailand ( where she was born ). It so sad that she did’t get to see her grandma die. When she star go to school in U.S she did’t have any friend. Since she did’t speak any English she did’t have any friends. That years was her sadness year because her grandma die and she only in school. Later her English get a lot better and have a lot of friends who speak different language. She make a lot of friends in OIHS ( her school name). Her friends are nice and being really good friends to her. She love to hang out with them. Now she’s happy. The End.

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