At first my family son’t want to come to U.S. But my brother really want to go. He was crying to go because all his friend was going. My mom decide to go and put our name, so we can go interview. So later my parents name come out. The whole family have to go interview for the first time. When they interview us, they said my can’t go with my family. And they said my grandma don’t have to go if she don’t want to. So my grandma decide not to go. She said she want to live there and die there. My family was having hard time because my uncle name is already come out the second time and he already go interview the second time.  my parents decide not to go cause my dad really don’t want to so cause he was a solider.

But since my uncle already came to California my grandma told us to go . My grandma was worried about my uncle so she told us to go. While we are going me and my brother sit next to each other in the bus. That time I really get along with my brother. We sit next to each other  and we both got both car sick. Since its long way to get through the air plant, we have to be the bus for a long time. Our parents really worried about us.

I’m the most who throw up. My mom said ” I won’t make through U.S while in the bus. But at the air plant i was so find. When my uncle said ” You will go to school next week ” I was so happy to hear and ready for school. But when I go to school I was so sad because I don’t understand what people are talking about.  That time i don’t know how to speak English. I don’t have any friends. I was lonely in school. Later my English is getting better and have a lots a friend and happy to meet new people.


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