The Sound Of Home

The sound of my home home in living room sound like music when my family is home. ( brother and sister ). Because they live to sing and love to watch music video and sing along. But when they are not here the sound of home sound the refrigerator freezer. Some time it’s sound so loud but when you get use to it it, it sound peaceful and quite. Like it good place to be when you under control and good place to read. The sound of my room is sometime sound annoying because of car since I sleep near the window. My room it the sound of my phone. Everyday (weekday) my ipod sound. It’s the sound that wake me up every weekday. The smell of my house in living room smell food. It’s smell so many kind. Sometime it smell so oil,fish, vegetable. It’s smell many kind in the living room. The smell of my room smell fresh air. Like air is everywhere. But sometime it smell so hot. I think maybe it’s because sometime my house get so hot or me ¬†and can’t smell anything in my room but hot.

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