“TOH MO HU” Where are you mom?

When I was little my mom told me a story about tho mo hu. This is a name of a bird and this is mean where are you mom?  my mom stared to tell me the story. “Once upon a time in a long time ago there is a girl she had really deep sleeping. She only live with her mom. Her dad die when she was little. Even though she only lived with her mom she never listen to her.There is one day her mom told her, not to go sleep over her friends house because her mom afraid that some danger things will happened to her and she don’t want to lose her, the only thing she had is her. But she didn’t listen to her mom and she go. During sleeping at her friends house at midnight her friends try to wake her up but they can’t because she sleep too deep. Her friends knows that the robber are coming to destroy their house and they will also kill them all.  Her friends pull her hair, slap her face and push her body but it didn’t work, then they left her alone in the house. When the robber come and goes in to the house they sow her and they kill her. After she die she become bird and she fly away. While she flew away she say MO HU because she’s looking for her mom and say where are you mom. Later she never get to see her mom again”. My mom told me story because she want me to listen to her and always stay with her by her side. She never want to lose me and I never want to lose her.

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