Map to get to school

Every morning I woke up, I walk down straight to take 14 buss. The 14 buss went by the lake. This lake is very beautiful and very big. Then, I stop the 14 buss and go on to next on the left. This buss is 1R. After that, I stop the buss 1R. Next I goes two blocks to the left and two blocks to the right. The school I goes is Oakland international high school. This school is for Refugee people. When I got in to the school I went to eat lunch. Then I went to all the class I need to go. After that, I walk to the left to go to the story telling class. Finally, I went back home.

Different things people wear

dah may 080This is my sister. She wear this long cloth that look like dress. She wearing it because it’s her culture and she bout it when she was in Thailand. Also she liked it because it pretty and She liked to wearing it on every sunday when she go to church. Her people, which is Karen people made this cloth with their hands. They can make so many cloth like this. They can make it long/short, different color, different ships, and with so many design. Another thing she like is the blue jacket because It keep her warm when she’s cold. She got this jacket from her sister which is me. I bought this jacket from Thailand before I came to U.S.A. This jacket cost $120. She also really like the color because it’s blue and her favorite color is blue. A lot of people like her shoes. This shoes is very hard and it’s green. This shoes also come’s from Thailand. Her older sister bought it for her. She loved this shoes.

“TOH MO HU” Where are you mom?

When I was little my mom told me a story about tho mo hu. This is a name of a bird and this is mean where are you mom?  my mom stared to tell me the story. “Once upon a time in a long time ago there is a girl she had really deep sleeping. She only live with her mom. Her dad die when she was little. Even though she only lived with her mom she never listen to her.There is one day her mom told her, not to go sleep over her friends house because her mom afraid that some danger things will happened to her and she don’t want to lose her, the only thing she had is her. But she didn’t listen to her mom and she go.

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sound that I hard in the morning

I am in my bad room. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I hard was bird singing. When I listen to the bird sound carefully, there is a lot of different bird mad different sound. Some make very small sound but some make really loud sound. Another thins I hard was the sound of my parents cooking. While  their cooking they also listen to the music.

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Once upon a time

One upon a time, a girl name Eh Pa Doh was born. She was born in Thailand Mae La Oon Camp. She always like to work hard and never gives up. When she was little her mom told her the story about her grand father. One day when her grand father went to the forest the Burmese solder came and killed her grand father. So then she’d never got to see her grand father. After that, her family ran away from their country. She also never get too know her grand mother because her grand mother didn’t ran away with her. She got really bad luck.                  

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