Once upon a time

One upon a time, a girl name Eh Pa Doh was born. She was born in Thailand Mae La Oon Camp. She always like to work hard and never gives up. When she was little her mom told her the story about her grand father. One day when her grand father went to the forest the Burmese solder came and killed her grand father. So then she’d never got to see her grand father. After that, her family ran away from their country. She also never get too know her grand mother because her grand mother didn’t ran away with her. She got really bad luck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Later, her family move to Thailand. Her family move there because they think that it’s a good place and save place for them to live there. She really like living in Thailand Mae La Oon Camp because she have a lot of friends and cousin. She always go to school so she can have a good future. She love to sing. She always made her little sister and her little brothers sleep by sing a song to them. Her gold is to became a doctor so she can take care of her family and other peoples. She also want to became a singer she love to sing. She also like to play soccer. There is one day her family told her we gonna we to American, and she ask why?  Her parents answer ” we want to go there because we want to live with your cousin”. She was really happy when she hear that They gonna move to American.

When she get to American she was really happy to see her cousin because she did’t see her cousin for a long time.When she get U.S she did’t know any English. She see so many new peoples. When she went to school other students was make fun of her and mad her cry because she doesn’t know what people were talking about. Later her English is getting better and she make a lot of friends who speak different language. She seem pretty happy because meet a lot of people and make lots of friends. Now she at OIHS. She is 9th grade. Every Tuesday and Thursday she go to hip hop class to join the dance and having fun with other people.

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