Different things people wear

dah may 080This is my sister. She wear this long cloth that look like dress. She wearing it because it’s her culture and she bout it when she was in Thailand. Also she liked it because it pretty and She liked to wearing it on every sunday when she go to church. Her people, which is Karen people made this cloth with their hands. They can make so many cloth like this. They can make it long/short, different color, different ships, and with so many design. Another thing she like is the blue jacket because It keep her warm when she’s cold. She got this jacket from her sister which is me. I bought this jacket from Thailand before I came to U.S.A. This jacket cost $120. She also really like the color because it’s blue and her favorite color is blue. A lot of people like her shoes. This shoes is very hard and it’s green. This shoes also come’s from Thailand. Her older sister bought it for her. She loved this shoes.

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