Once upon a time

DSCN0059Once upon a time,a girl name kristy was born in SriLanka.She is 16 years old.She living in United states of America with her family. She have 2 younger sister and one older sister. She like like to hang out or spend time with her best friend. That’s the important thing in her life. She lived in SriLanka but in 2013 she moved to California. In here she found the most important persons in her life. For example he brother and her best friend,who she love most in the world. Also she is studying in Oakland international high school. She love to go to the school because she have a lot of friends. Her ambition is graduate from high school,go to college and get a good job. In the future she want to be a software engineer because she can earn more money and she can also take care about her family.

When she was in 14 years old she came to the united states of america.In the beginning she don’t like to come to america because she don’t wanna leave her relation,friends and her native country. She kept cry. Her mom explained her about if we go to united states u can have a better life than here.Finally she is happy to been and living in the united states. The end.


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